Cómo eliminar el fondo de una foto?

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Cómo eliminar el fondo de una foto?

A lot of people face this question every day, how to erase the background of an image? or how to erase the background of a photo? Whether it is a professional graphic designer who has the basic knowledge in photo editing programs but does not have much time to deliver that “Last Minute Change” to a client, or a person who is starting a small business and does not have the corporate infrastructure or the economic means to employ a graphic designer just to remove the background of their products for sale, whatever the case may be, we present you these non-traditional options in a few simple steps.

How to remove the background of a photo in Photoshop:

In Photoshop, there are automatic tools that employ an artificial intelligence that allows you to mask, select to later either erase the background, or extract the subject of a photograph by simply clicking on the “Select Subject” button that appears in the options bar at the top of the program interface, when you select the Quick Selection tool, or the object selection tool, both added in the latest versions of the well-known adobe photo editing application.

It is worth noting that this tool gives very good results compared to the now obsolete magic selection wand or the slow polygonal Lasso, or the more precise, but equally slow Pen Tools.

If you are not a Graphic Designer, or do not handle these tools and want to know how to erase the background of a photo without programs, we present the alternatives that stand out for their high precision and above all for their very high speed, here we have the best pages to erase the background of your photos, or image:

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1# PhotoRoom

2# Remove BG by Pixlr

3# In Pixio

4# Remove BG

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1# PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom: Easy, intuitive and very fast, you open the page from your device, drag the image or click on the button “Start with photo”, to the center of the page and ready the page takes care of removing the background to your product, or model and then download it in PNG format, without the background.



2# Remove BG by Pixlr

Remove BG by Pixlr: very intuitive like its predecessor, open the page, drag or click where it says select photos, upload it and you can download the photo in PNG, without background.

This page stands out because it says that if you don’t get the expected results it has manual retouching options to improve the background cropping.



3# In Pixio

In Pixio: very easy also to intuit how to use it has an area to drag the image and a button to search for the image previously saved on the device, but also has a bar to write the url of an online image to make the crop directly before downloading the photo.

It also gives you the opportunity to put another background to your cropped image, but it is something that I see a little unnecessary because, if you put another photo underneath it, you would be doing practically the same thing without turning it back into a photo with background again.


inPixio Logo

3# Remove BG

Remove BG: Last but not least this page does what it promises just like the others, but it has a peculiar detail, it is free, but it has a subscription option that will allow you to download the cropped image in high definition, also like the previous one it allows you to add background designs, etc.



So, entrepreneur friend or friend who needs to erase the background of the photo of your product to offer it in a menu or catalog, or designer that you are short of time, or you are not at your workplace (as these tools work perfect on mobile devices), these pages will be your great allies, try them.


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