Maqueta para T-shirt

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Maqueta para T-shirt

One of the small – big challenges that we graphic designers often face is that our client visualizes how their brand, phrase or logo would look like, printed on a t-shirt, either because they want to make a uniform for their new venture, or just to publicize their business. In this sense, when faced with this challenge, we have to spend hours of searching, sometimes in clothing websites, sometimes in photographs of models, to get a t-shirt that meets the customer’s requirements.

Even greater is the challenge when you want to create several different proposals either by color, neck cut, sleeve length, type of fabrics, etc.. With this premise, below, and to make this tedious search task easier for you, we present the 4 best graphic resources websites where you can find t-shirts for your mockup.

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1# Envato Element

2#Adobe Stock Free

3# GraphicBurger

4# Freepik

Envato Elements.

Limited free downloads, with plans and payment options for unlimited downloads.

Adobe Stock Free

Also with limited free downloads, with plans and payment for unlimited downloads.


Envato Elements partner site specialized in providing elements for the creation of Mockups.


This site is in Spanish, but you can search in English and Spanish, has limited free downloads and with plans and payment for unlimited downloads.

These pages are specialized in providing graphic resources for designers, so you can not only find the photos of the elusive T-shirts, but multiple photos that you can use for your models, as well as countless resources such as vectors, cropped images in PNG format, pre-designed pieces, and templates, for when we have a hurry, it’s just a matter of looking for what you need and review what these sites offer us.


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